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As of the first of June 2017, Portugal Madeira Sydney Social & Cultural Sports Club has five new services available to its members and the general public.

These services follow current trends on how different people access access information and communicate using different technologies which share the world wide web (internet) as their favorite delivery medium of choice.

We advertise all of our upcoming events here, on our website and on our two social networks.

Social Networks

Portugal Madeira Sydney Social & Cultural Sports Club publishes in two social networks: Facebook and Twitter.  In order to view Facebook and Twitter events you will need to join third-party companies (Facebook and Twitter) and agree to their own user service policies (EULA).

Facebook and Twitter services are available to all that subscribe to them, free of charge.  Each service requires a separate subscription.  Once you have agreed to those companies’ terms you will be able to view all of our content using your preferred device and or application from anywhere in the internet.

We have setup easy to remember web addresses for quick access to all of our published material on our social networks.  Check them out at:

Follow our Facebook page and our Twitter tweets to stay on top of all that’s going on at the Portugal Madeira Club.  Let us know what you like and what you do not like.

Video Network

Portugal Madeira Sydney Social & Cultural Sports Club publishes videos of performances recorded inside its facilities for the purposes of the Club’s own social & cultural heritage as well for its own public promotions.

We have also setup an easy to remember web address for quick access to all of our published videos on our YouTube channel.  Check them out at:

Support your club and subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos of live performances recorded live at the Portugal Madeira Club.

Updates & Notifications

The SMS channel provides notifications on upcoming events ahead of time. Subscribe to them at:

SMS Channel sends direct messages on a regular basis from us to all the mobile phone numbers subscribed to our channel.


Follow our tweets: @PortMadeiraClub

Follow our tweets: @PortMadeiraClub

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