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Portugal Madeira Club

Portugal Madeira Club

About the Portugal Madeira Club

The Portugal Madeira Sydney Social and Cultural Sports Club Association was founded in Dulwich Hill in 1968.  Then an association formed largely by Portuguese speaking migrants that had settled in the inner western suburbs of Sydney around the city of Marrickville, sister city to the Portuguese city of Funchal, located in the archipelago of Madeira.

The aim of the association was to promote Portuguese speaking cultures locally and to facilitate the integration of all new settlers into the Australian way of life, through the practice of sports, competitions and charitable events.

Since soccer was by far the preferred sport of the founding members, they decided to form a professional soccer team to compete into the local New South Wales league.  The association formed its own soccer squad, the Dulwich Hill Football Club, which has been competing locally since 1968.  In 2018, Dulwich Hill Football Club will dispute the National Premier League 3 (NPL3) championship.

On the 7th day of June, 1985 the Association incorporated and become the Portugal Madeira Sydney Social and Cultural Sports Club Limited or as it is known affectionately in Australia as the Portugal Madeira Club of Sydney.

Current clubhouse

In 1987, the Club bought our current clubhouse located in the city of Marrickville at numbers 1 to 3 in Denby Street.  The current clubhouse was officially inaugurated in January 1988 with the presence of the following personalities:

  • Alberto João Jardim » President of the Autonomous Regional Government of Madeira.
  • Manuel Ferreira » Secretary of the Madeira Community Associations in Australia.
  • Daniel Gouveia » President of the Portugal Madeira Sydney Social and Cultural Sports Club.

Our current clubhouse is open to its members and their guests, seven days per week.  We only close three days per year: Christmas day, New Year’s day and Good Friday.

Illustrious visitors

Our club has been visited and endorsed by:



  • Rosa Mota » Portuguese Olympic Marathon gold medal winner (Seoul 1988).


  • Tony Carreira » Renowned Portuguese best-selling popular singer.
  • Jorge Ferreira » Renowned Portuguese American singer musician from Fall River, Atlantic City.
  • Augusto Canário » Renowned Portuguese folk singer and concertina player.
  • Márcio Amaro » Renowned Portuguese singer from Madeira Island.

Committee Members of Portugal Madeira Club

There are seven Committee members on the Management Board of the Portugal Madeira Club. They are:

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